TMZ App Reviews

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No better than radaronline’s trash

I am deleting the TMZ app. You all are reaching out to her white trash family to cause drama. You might as well be radaronline. The girl doesn’t need it the week of her already stressful wedding.

Gud app and news

Vera Nice app and fun.

Shirts 👕

Harvey and Charles I Love the Show I watch it everyday but did u guys decided to call each other and say wear this shirt 👕 same look same color what a coincidence Wow 😀

Good humor

Love you guys so funny ,with a diverse staff ! 🤗

Love it.

It’s nice to kill time.


Love this show but wondering if Rachel has ever not defended any black rapper or celebrity in her entire life. I’ve never heard it if she has

Everybody funny, now you funny too.

Oh to be on the inside. To be a fly on the wall. The ear against the wall... Funny to hear when American royalty ( celebs) trip over their own egos. TMZ is EVERYWHERE ❗️❗️ Easy to spot the ones who’ve been away from home too long.

Great Shots

Love the update! Keep up the great work 👍


its an awesome app


Do a segment with Eric André and Charles side-by-side 😂

Y’all are awesome and I enjoy the little tidbits


Too many ads... App crashing

Cannot read articles without some ad taking over and crashing the app.

What happened?

App crashes EVERY time I access it now with the IOS update. Same info is more easily accessible at the MailOnline app.

It’s not Yes or No.. it’s more like

It’s more like a disgusting necessity, A slow look at a tragic car wreck you shouldn’t even be slowing down to look at . I wouldn’t say I love you or hate you it’s more like “it’s ehhh why am I reading or looking at this ”, but I need to check TMZ anyway . You’re salacious information . It’s what the public wants . No different from 80 yrs ago gossip ; now just in your face gossip


The app will not open it keeps shutting down, since the updates even when it is deleted and reinstalled same thing can’t play video , it shuts down. Still having the same trouble it shuts down when you try to play using iPhone 5se any help with the app issue

Love Harvey

Love Harvey, y’all stop being so tough on Harvey. Charles definitely keeps everyone laughing. Love Kim’s sense of humor, and Derek I don’t know why everyone is so mean to you, but you are one of my favs. Keep up the good work guys and gals. Love all the way from Georgia. P.S. if I get out that way I definitely will do the TMZ tour.🎬🚙

App is stuck

You’re app is stuck... it won’t open for the last 2 days. Please fix!

Love TMZ

They always keep it 100th giving us viewers information on the latest news of celebrities. Hope to work for TMZ one day. Keeping it real. DjSmooth14 Instagram follow me:)

Love to keep up with the Hollywood gossip

Even if more than half of it’s fake. Love the way TMZ still objectifies women and makes sure to follow closely those who are having mental health issues and breakdowns in public. Go Brittany! Still using that to compare how she’s doing today! Vanguard Award

Nonstop ads!

I really like this app but it’s getting ridiculous with all the pop ads that you can’t get out of anymore. Considering deleting it.

Love & Kisses

Love that TMZ boo. Kissy.😎🍷💋

Ad and app launching glitches

I used to love this app. Now every time I open it I am launched into an advertisement or and app on iTunes that will keep glitching and not allow me to close it out to continue using the tmz app. It is beyond annoying and needs to be fixed!!!!

Bad popup ad experience

ad experience is terrible. I frequently get an interstitial video that pops up multiple times with no option to close out until the whole ad plays. When i wait for the whole video ad to finish, there are at least four others behind it when i finish and close out the first ad.


You guys recently did an update & TOTALLY SCREWED UP THIS APP! FIX IT!

TMZ get it together

While using the app, it constantly redirects me to the App Store to purchase or download something. This is BS. I can’t even get through an entire story without this happening.


Ads take over the screen whenever i use this app . Very frustrating

Constant ads taking me off the app.

I enjoy TMZ but whatever this new ad platform is making me tune out. I’m reading an article and my screen flips to an ad. Close the ad, go back to the article, 2 seconds later back to ad screen. Rinse and repeat. It’s not worth the frustration.

Support for Harvey

Why is it that your crew feels the need to constantly bring you down when you have an interesting fact about an event in history. Don’t be discouraged Harvey most people have a real interest in your life experiences!!

Forcing to advertisement apps

Decent app except it’s kicking me out to sponsor sites/apps repeatedly. Really a problem.

Terrible Ads

Glitch in app forces you to the App Store to buy other apps repeatedly to where you can’t even read any of the TMZ posts before it redirects you. Used to love this app

Love you guys

You guys are awesome!!! No haterade being drank here!! Lol I watch tmz live and tmz everyday!!

Too many redirects

Recent add selections makes it impossible to read articles. Continuous redirects to other apps.

Text size too small

TMZ app’s text size is way too tiny. Please increase size of default text used, in stories, or add option to choose text size.


First time ever looking at comments and noticed there are comment rules. This was about the Chicago Fire actress who passed away. Some of the comments are absolutely horrible, but are not being monitored.

How are the reviews so favorable?

It’s filled with junk ads! You scroll down to see more news and the ads are built in to the thread. I always press them! When you click on a video you have to watch an ad first, if you try to click back on the ad, it doesn’t let you. This app is pure junk just like half the crap they put on there and try to pass as “news”.

Always crashing.

Love the stories, but the app is always crashing.

Decent info. HORRIBLE APP

Constantly crashes. When you finally are able to get into a good rhythm with the stories, they take you all the way to the top of the screen like I wasn’t just three weeks deep into the stories. And my FAVORITE part of this app is when it takes me to the App Store without warning to offer me an “ABC Mouse” game. I’ve never even seen abc mouse advertised on the site so how am I supposedly clicking on this ad? This app makes me feel like I’m in 1990 and I’ve opened an email that says I’ve won a million dollars. So glitchy and slow and just bad. Guess I’ll just have to rely on the sites that use your stories because this app is the pits.

3/17/18 update fixed TMZ app

The last update 3/17/18 has fixed the TMZ app on my Apple IPod5. Working great! Thank you!


I love TMZ Harvey and his team keep us up to date on many celebrities news and other famous stars and what is going on with our favorite celebrity’s I love watching TMZ truly awesome crew keep up the great work !

Using less and less

This app used to work great but it’s been plagued with bugs (I have an iphone8). I often quit using the app because I don’t want to deal with the bugs.


Racist fill the comments an it’s a boring app

It can be better

Needs more videos


Love the show Love Harvey and the whole gang!!!


I just deleted this app because of the comments TMZ allows. So many of the comments are racist & consistently use the “n” word & TMZ doesn’t bother to block the ignorance. That makes me believe they like minded, so I am done.

Love it

So much to watch it just buffers a little

Good App So Far

Good App To Have On Your Phone. Its Keeps Up With Some Good Media Topics That Can Be Interesting At Times....... So Far, So Good

From Day One

I’ve been watching TMZ since the first day, my curiosity made me hand around along with the format and casual atmosphere kept me coming back. The uniqueness was refreshing and the way that the celebrities initially responded to your reporters was hilarious. But you stayed focused never swaying from the vision and now you are renowned around the world. TMZ was able to reverse the hatred from Hollywood Stars and turned it into a haven that they can come to and voice their side or opinions. Great Job Guys, Love you from birth

Spam Dog popping up on app

As soon as I open my TMZ app a brown barking dog pops up on my screen. Contacted Apple and uninstalling or reinstalling doesn’t work or clearing history does not work.

App works most of the time

But occasionally gets bogged down and will stop running.

Ads ruin app. App is Garbage

The video ads keeps over taking the app and won’t stop. It’s horrible. Are you really that desperate for money? Find another way to monetize your app. It’s completely garbage now!!!!

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