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Keeps me up to Date with the latest News/facts

TMZ be on point and accurate

Love tmz

Celebrity sleaze at its finest!!!

TMZ is the Molotov cocktail 🍹💥🍸 to our boring pretentious corporate media world🤩🤪🧐. Kick back & enjoy IDGAF journalism at its finest.

Knowing facts

Great way to stay updated while being apart of it all knowing the fact as they become known

What’s going on?

I love TMZ. I have had this app for a long time but lately the ads that pop up are not able to be removed. Help techie 👩‍💻 👨‍💻???


Amazing to keep up with the info


Non stop crashing glitches ads pop up!! It’s not 5 star it’s garbage! You can’t even read an article. My service perfect latest iPhone so I know it’s not on me, plus this app has always had issues. They can’t seem to get it right. If it was corrected this app would be perfect.


I never ever write any reviews, but this pop up ad for certain movies doesn’t allow me into the actual app, I have to continuously tap the “x” to close out the ad to no avail. I’m uninstalling NOW!!!


TMZ is an over the top authentic celebrity entertainment news.

Fix ads

Can’t even use the app. The ad plays and then it just loops over and over. Step it up, Harvey. This is just pathetic

Fix the ads please

I can’t even use this app at all right now. EVERY time I open it a pop-up video ad loops over and over again and even though I wait through the whole video for the “x” to appear, the video won’t close, causing me to hard close the app. When I re-open, same thing happens. This is an ongoing problem. This will happen for a day or two or more so I stop using the app then go back a few days later and it’s fine. Still has the pop-up videos but at least you can close after watching. This app is just not consistent enough to recommend.


Every time I go to look at the app I see the starting page and then all of a sudden I’m stuck on an ad for SICARIO and I can’t get out! this is BS

Pop up ads especially sicario one!

I can’t open up nor move to another entertainment news without being bombarded with 7-10 pop ups of the sicario movie or show! Or whatever ads they are doing! It is annoying!!! Need fix soon!


It is so bad that I just deleted it. The pop ups are so bad you can’t even read anything. Why don’t they fix it? I certainly don’t pay any attention to what they are trying to advertise and now I can’t even see what I want to see. It deserves 0 stars.

Kardashian lover

Leave the Kardashian’s alone


I used to love this app until it continues to flash advertisements over and over

What’s with the chat?

TMZ has this code of conduct for the chat/comment section of app but there is so much racism, sexism, name calling that I find it difficult to understand why have the rules in place? They need to control it better. I feel like it’s a place to see the lowest of the low speak their minds. Please police it better TMZ.

12 years olds

It says 12+ to download but the comments section is full of racists bantering back and forth. It is just a chat room for the ignorant and the lonely. The gossip is interesting but the comments are disgusting. Why don’t they do any monitoring? There is no reason for N this and n that.

Get TMZ!

Love It...!!


When X got shot I was hearing he’s dead oh he’s alive and so I looked up about him and now I see it’s true that he’s actually dead. RIP XXX😭💔


Give you all the updated news👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


Love keeping up on all the celebrity glam and dirt. Sad to see their tragedies. But glad there’s a news agency devoted to them.

The outside world

I spend so much time as a care giver that I really don’t know what is happening around me. I’m enthusiastic about being about to discuss social media with my teenage grandson.


If your your curious about the cool people Lives . TMZ is the place and I’m not a lawyer! Haha 😍


T》M》Z《 you are one of my favorite social media apps and as well as live television shows I would ever stay stuck to any device to get the Hollywood scoop the true Hollywood scoop from this perspective any day before watching any other program aired on television or through satellite Sellier phone app viewing. Harvey you are the best since People’s Court teehee. You are genuine heart whos seen a lot! Love you guy😉 Your reports are fast vast And always accurate up on my reviewing therefore meaning I’m never kicked out from watching that this here is always welcome this is T》M》Z《 in for that cause alone much on her to this broadcast system as well as THIS RIGHT HERE!!! being thee Internet!!!!!!!! Sincerely yours - #MZzSTAAR (Staar Adony’A) - SKY⭐️💸🌟💵🌟💫📀✨📸😁

Can I get a sentence in?

I cannot read more than one sentence without an ad taking over my entire screen, and not just an ad you “x” out of. Nooooo, it is an entire video that you must watch in its entirety until you’re given the option to “x” out. Oh, but it’s not over then! Once you get the article back and are one sentence in, there’s the SAME video taking over your screen again! I am an avid reader. It doesn’t take me forever to read one sentence. I hope this is a big they will SOON fix and not just a money grab ruining this app. Uninstall.

Video glitch

The video ads that they have now implemented are glitching and change every couple seconds. It eats up a bit of battery when it does this and it does it several times before I can get through two paragraphs. This app is now a waste of time.

No support to a friend of Tr*mp

Have decided that I will not support Levin - a friend of Tr*mp

Terrible interface

Omg is this 2010? This app needs a face lift. Navigating throughout takes too long


It’s fun to watch your mid day show Until you break away for a commercial Each time you continue to flash your viewers with Sandra Bullock’s EX And a bunch of other old men who are irrelevant in 2018 Please update this background and improve my experience Thank you Toni Sirois

Love the app

But these ads and not being able to get out of them is making me not use your app. I don’t want to just watch the tv show but this is what these annoying ads are making me do!

Why? Just why?!

I love ready these smut stories. However, why do ads pop in continuously during stories? 1 popped up 6 times while reading a 3 paragraph article. I get the need for advertising, but you’re ridiculously greedy. I will now be deleting this app and getting stories elsewhere.

The show

On point

Your Interrupting ads

In the middle of a story - a video ad - let it play. Back to story - same sucky ad. Not dealing with these much longer. NY Post Page 6 much better. Fix this frickin issue, please.

Constant Crashes and Ads

The app crashes almost every time I open it and ads pop up repeatedly while trying to read a single article, if you happen to be touching the screen at the same time it takes you right to the ad on safari and away from the app. Try to go back to finish what I was reading and the app crashes again. The issues within the app really deter me from using it and at this point I may open it once a week. Having an app that is essentially unusable is pointless.


Unusable because video ad plays every 30 seconds are you hurting for money that bad?

Pop up ads

I love reading this app to catch up on the latest Trashy Gossip... However the pop up ads that recently started coming up are absolutely unbearable… I can’t even get through three sentences without one popping up!!! it makes it very unbearable and annoying to read the news… I’m deleting this app and finding a new celebrity gossip app..

TMZ- you’re on fire- literally

So the app has been actually functioning lately- until this past update (may 2018) The app is back to warming up my phone with the heat of a thousand suns after a brief use! And as of today 5/31 there’s a ‘hidden’ audible ad that plays upon launch over and over on a loop, it’s impossible to use the app with the ad playing constantly! And even when force quitting the app the ad continues to play!!


Every minute you now have an advertisement overtaking the article I am reading. Good way to get rid of viewers

What is up with the video adds???

I usually love this app and can say that I use it every day but recently video adds pop up in the middle of me reading an article or scrolling. I don’t mind watching one or two adds but seriously it was like 5 times. I have given up and went to the website. You need to correct this it makes reading impossible when every other sentence is interrupted with a video add.

TMZ News

I normally don't believe it unless I hear it from Harvey, Charles, Van or Racquel. Thanks for reporting information I can pass on.

Propaganda machine for Trump

Harvey is just another Trump fixer out for personal gain. Bye


Articles freeze up or either force close. Ads pop up continuously.

Video ads that auto play

Normally, I love the TMZ app. I used it when I had android, and I got it again when I got my iPhone. Lately though, video ads that auto play over the top of the page keep popping up, which is not only annoying, but also not ok at all with me. The devs need to fix this issue or I will have to uninstall.

No better than radaronline’s trash

I am deleting the TMZ app. You all are reaching out to her white trash family to cause drama. You might as well be radaronline. The girl doesn’t need it the week of her already stressful wedding.

Gud app and news

Vera Nice app and fun.

Shirts 👕

Harvey and Charles I Love the Show I watch it everyday but did u guys decided to call each other and say wear this shirt 👕 same look same color what a coincidence Wow 😀

Good humor

Love you guys so funny ,with a diverse staff ! 🤗


Love this show but wondering if Rachel has ever not defended any black rapper or celebrity in her entire life. I’ve never heard it if she has

Everybody funny, now you funny too.

Oh to be on the inside. To be a fly on the wall. The ear against the wall... Funny to hear when American royalty ( celebs) trip over their own egos. TMZ is EVERYWHERE ❗️❗️ Easy to spot the ones who’ve been away from home too long.

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