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They need new app.

Always crashes and glitches. Never smooth scroll transitions. A lot of the time it freezes or no words come up in the article.


Constantly freezes and crashes. Stories are very slow to load. Highly dysfunctional app.

Battery Drainer

This app causes my iphone’s battery to drain really fast. I was on the app for no longer than a minute and my battery dropped by 10 percent.


Worst app I’ve ever used! Rarely opens. When it does, comments won’t load, videos won’t play, crashes!


I absolutely love TMZ! I LIVE TO WATCH this show everyday! Harvey and Charles are the best! When one is on vacation, the show just isn't the same. As a disabled veter, I sit home and TMZ gives me everything I need to know about the celebrity and political world! Thanks, you are are the best.

Million Miles Of Smiles:)🙂

#MillionMilesOfSmiles:)🙂 #MMOS #Did You Share A Smile Today?

Best App!

Nothing complicated! TMZ Rocks!!! By the way....what the hell does TMZ mean??? LOL

Constantly Opens App Store

Content is great, but it constantly opens the App Store and won’t let you finish an article no matter how many times you try to close it.


Completely over the liberal biased negative headlines concerning our President. App deleted.

Let’s talk about more than the oh pinions of the typical person from California

We grew up with mike he didn’t not have a regular child hood . If he did something wrong let it be that he should have went to jail ! He did not !!! He did show us love and family and we grew up with that and it was good ! I feel bad he had to be a kid at a very late age! I can relate! God bless his family and people that Appreciate his good music and is good heart


Can’t view videos

Pop ups

Every time I press on a story to read one of there annoying adds keeps popping up and you have to close the app to fix it.

Glitchy af

I love the information on this site, but the hassles I have to go through to get to it aren’t worth it. The app constantly freezes and crashes, and drains my battery after just minutes of using it. Even when it updates, the same problems continue. This app seems stuck in the dark times, which is too bad.

Battery killer

Omg... it kills my battery by at least 10% PER MINUTE

App always shuts down

Every few days this app shuts down and I would like to know why? Don’t like that!

Where’s the episodes

Where are the episodes to view 😔

Frustration At times

Takes me back to beginning too often.

Best News forecast ever !!!

Best news forecast ever!!!

Pop up video is ridiculous

Ever time you are in the app now, a pop up video comes on for no reason. I had got to the point were I don’t even want to use the app anymore.

Fix it TMZ

I am trying to read an article and it keeps opening the apple App Store. I don’t know if you two have a deal or something but you have lost a loyal reader and viewer. It’s just to frustrating.

Always freezes

Screen won’t load a lot of the time.

App from 2004?

Super slow. Every time there’s an update I expect it to get better. It doesn’t. Complete lag time. Blank pages. Have to constantly open and close.

Never loads right

This is by far one of the worst apps I’ve had, it never loads and when u flip stories it lags all the time!!! So frustrating!!!

Makes My Phone Too Hot to Touch

This is the only app that makes my IPhone SE super hot every time I use it. Less than five minutes into using the app, my phone gets hot. Often times it becomes unbearable to hold. It limits the amount of time I can use your app. It seems to be worse when I am viewing the comment sections for each article. Again, I have not found any other app that causes this heat issue.

One Sided

I used to use this app everyday to keep up with celebrity news but the most recent article attacking our President left me stunned. I know most media leans to the left but TMZ just keeps leaning farther and farther and are totally disrespectful of the POTUS now. 50% of the country DID vote for Trump. Apparently they have forgotten that. Deleted.

Content vs Glitches

I enjoy reading the articles on this app but the continuous glitches and errors on this app are annoying and should have been corrected years ago.

Liberal Garbage

Just like everything else that comes from California, this app reeks of liberal garbage. We get it, you don’t like Trump. Guess what d-bags Trump 2020!!!!!

Help Trump Make America Great Again.

What LeBron Don’t know is Trump will be his next President Again & Take note LeBron Trump is no Cry baby as you are.

First to know

TMZ keeps it current and the first to break news


Can't open the app for most of the day. Occasionally, I get in. Pretty pathetic as it always happens with this app. Whatever they are doing with this wes Anderson movie ad makes app constantly crash. Pathetic.

Video ad

I don’t mind a video ad or two but please fix the bug that launches the ad over and over and will not let you browse. Until then I’ll use reddit for my news.


Hate when those ads jump up every few seconds.

Waited to long!

I should have done this awhile ago, but I’m deleting the App. Not sure why They are okay with a product that continues to fail for so long! Continuous ad pop ups (movie trailers now) is the fastest way for me not to visit a site.


Every time I open it, I get bombarded with multiple “windows” of a movie trailer, or an advertisement. I can’t close them all out because there are so many, so I force close the app. I deleted the app once and re-installed it several weeks later, in order to confirm that it isn’t a glitch, it’s just their way of forcing you to make them money while they are in bed with the advertiser. Sort of feels like I unwillingly got involved in a cuckold-type arrangement.

Get rid of the Kardashian's

I enjoy TMZ enjoy TMZ live daily My number 1 show I love the way you guys get along seems like a great atmosphere but enough of the Kardashian's


Constantly crashes to the point not to even bother with this app.

Fix the ad loop issue!

Fix the app! This ad pops up and won’t leave. I force close and reopen and it’s still pops up. Delete the ad. It makes no sense and has made the app unusable

Danny diaz

Deberian traducirlo al español,o como se hace para que fuera perfecta

Guilty pleasure

I love that I can have my guilty pleasure of gossiping about celebrities in an app.

App keeps crashing

TMZ is my go to source for celebrity news but recently the app keeps crashing when the ads pop up. I am forced to quit the app and try again only to be disappointed please fix the app

It’s the sh#*t

TMZ keeps me up on what is going on when I need to know about my favorite celebrity I head straight to TMZ

Ads preventing use

Recently there have been pop up video ads that get stuck in a loop. Can’t watch. Can’t X out. I have to close the app entirely. I haven’t been able to see the gossip for about a month... hopefully it fixes soon.

Inconsistent and terrible video ads

The fact that this site will periodically have a video ad that 1) gets stuck in a loop 2) can't be closed 3) prevents you from getting access to site is COMPLETELY annoying and I am deleting the app. Tried for months to give it a chance but it's just bad.

Reliable News On Time

I’m a blogger and a follower of TMZ for years. TMZ has definitely influenced my style. I’m big on getting accurate information out first. Keep up the amazing work you continue to do!


Keeps me up to Date with the latest News/facts

TMZ be on point and accurate

Love tmz

Celebrity sleaze at its finest!!!

TMZ is the Molotov cocktail 🍹💥🍸 to our boring pretentious corporate media world🤩🤪🧐. Kick back & enjoy IDGAF journalism at its finest.

What’s going on?

I love TMZ. I have had this app for a long time but lately the ads that pop up are not able to be removed. Help techie 👩‍💻 👨‍💻???


Amazing to keep up with the info


Non stop crashing glitches ads pop up!! It’s not 5 star it’s garbage! You can’t even read an article. My service perfect latest iPhone so I know it’s not on me, plus this app has always had issues. They can’t seem to get it right. If it was corrected this app would be perfect.

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